With the new layout, I thought I would move my travel-related posts to its own separate tab for easier navigation. I will try to add some more info, even from my past travel to this site to help readers with recommendations and info of places that I have visited. I haven’t been very good with taking notes during my travel, but here’s my best attempt.  I am also working on my past travels (before I have a blog!) and publish what I remember from those trips.

Venice… oh my Lovely Venice
Florence 2009 Trip Report 1
Rome 2009 Trip Report
Italy 2009 Trip Report
SF & the Wine Country 2008 Trip Report

My Fave Travel Planning Sites

Airline Quality.
A great site when I have to fly airlines that I am not familiar with.

I joined this site back in 2003, and literally have planned all of my trips based on their members’ recommendations. GREAT site. My go-to-favorite planning site. My member’s name is h2babe if you need to contact me. But I am not on the board as often as I’d like to. So best way to contact me is through email, or leave me a comment here.

I have NOT been able to find any flights that are lower in cost than from what I have gotten at Orbitz. I have no idea why, especially when I book them in advance (7-8 months for Europe, and about 4 months in advance for Asia or Africa). I must have booked my past 3-4 overseas trip through Orbitz.

Rick Steve.
His back-door tips and tricks are great.  His travel style is a bit too fast for me, but I appreciate the information he has on making the trips more budget friendly. His restaurant recommendations are not for my style either.

Trip Advisor
I use this mainly for hotel’s review and recommendations.

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