Wilton Class 3

I decided to sign up for another Wilton class, since three of my other classmates from the second class decided to continue on. My energy level was still at all-time high from the second trimester boost, and I wanted to put it to good use! I don’t necessarily like the taste of fondant; but I thought that it would still be neat to be able to learn how to work with them. Later, I found out that Wilton has decided to revamp their classes in June, so I knew that this would probably my last opportunity to take advantage of the “soon to be obsolete” classes.

1st lesson
During the first meeting, we practiced with several types of borders using regular butter-cream icing.  Fortunately, I had about a cup of leftover icing from my second class, and I decided not to make a batch of fresh icing since it was only a week old. It worked fine because we didn’t use it to frost any cakes. We just practiced making borders on our practice board and then threw them away after I used it.

2nd lesson
For the second night, we were required to bring in two stacked cakes, already covered with thin consistency butter-cream icing. I debated for a long time whether I was going to make two layers of 9-inch round cakes, or just stack two square cakes. I ended up making 9×13-sized cake, cut them in half and stack them. We learned how to work with fondant & then make fondant roses–and we ran out of time. Nobody ended up with a complete cake this evening; since we spent probably an hour working on the fondant roses and then the rest of the time with rolling fondant to cover the cake. I was debating whether I should post this picture below, I am a tad bit embarrassed that I ran out of time to finish, and I had to leave out of town the next day. But here you go anyway.

3rd lesson
I actually had to miss this lesson due to a work’s travel. This entire lesson was making royal icing flowers, such as poinsettia, lilies, etc. My instructor was kind enough to show me how to do this later–but I haven’t had time to practice them on my own at home. I do love how versatile royal icing is!

4th lesson
In getting ready for this last class, I had to make some fondant roses at home since I didn’t have any that turned out from the first night. I spent probably two hours making about 16-20 roses, leaves and the little white flowers. I still had a little bit of issue trying to find the right thickness of fondant that would make good looking roses. During my first trial, I thought that I rolled it too thin, and the petals did not hold up very well. For my second attempt, as shown on the picture below, I made them a little bit thicker, which makes thicker looking petals.

I also baked (2) 2-layers cake, one was a 10-inch size, and the 2nd one was a smaller 6-inch. They recommended a 4-inch different in the diameter of the cakes. In class, we basically had to assemble the cakes, put the borders on, and attached all of the flowers. Phew!

We also took pictures of all of the cakes from the three students in class. One of our classmates decided to drop the class, so we only ended up with three students. Here are our final cakes.


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