Wilton Class 2 Course 4

This was our final session from the second class. I must have made over ten dozens (yes, TEN!) of flowers between the class and the practice at home on the weekends. Red thought I was nuts to actually spend the hours that I did on making royal icing flowers. Practice makes perfect, I reminded him! We had to bring frosted cake to class using the two oval pans that came from the course kit, to make a small basket. I had to bring all of the flowers that I wanted to put on the cake, along with the birds that I made using color flow (which I was not a fan of!).

In class, we practice doing the basket-weave and reverse shell techniques several time; then we tried them right away to decorate the entire side of our cake. I enjoyed this class tremendously simply because I picked up a lot of new skills, and I appreciated only having to make ONE cake for the entire class (mind the 4-5 recipes of frosting that I had to make). My class (there were five other students with me) also decided to take the third course in April, so I decided to go ahead and sign up with them since they were a fun group. I don’t necessarily like the taste of fondant, but look forward to learning more about using them. Stay tuned for future postings on Class 3.


2 Responses to Wilton Class 2 Course 4

  1. Mollie says:

    Wow girl! It is so beautiful!!!! Congrats!!

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