Wilton Course 2: Class 3

Phew! After all of those flowers we made last week; we got to make even more flowers using royal icing! I was really excited about those; I have heard so many good things about the flowers, how they hold their shapes better and last longer. For the class, we made another two batches of royal icing; all needed to be colored according to the book at home (which I highly recommend). Pssst… I usually like to skip steps sometimes; but for this class, preparation has really helped me make the most out of my time in class with my instructor who is absolutely awesome. I colored all of them; brought several spoons to stir the different batches of frosting; took extra couplers as the book recommended, tips and extra vinyl disposable bags.

During the class; we made five different types of flowers: Victorian rose, pansy, daisy, primrose, and daffodil. The consistency is really key here; so I had to adjust a couple of batches to ensure that the flowers piped to the shapes that they were supposed to. I had the hardest time with the daisy; which was odd, I thought, since they seemed simple. My frosting was too thick and did not flow as nicely.

The picture above showed the flowers from both the second and third night. I will have to make some more to take to the last class, where we would put all of the flowers together on the cake.

Tip: Bring one of those plastic 9×13 cake container to transport your flowers. I did not do this during the second night; and a few of the flowers were disfigured during travel. Even when I did, I still lost some, but at least you wouldn’t have lost as many.


2 Responses to Wilton Course 2: Class 3

  1. dawn says:

    I am hopeless inept at decorating but always in awe of people who can. The flowers look really pretty.

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