Wilton Course 2: Class 2

In our second class, we learned how to make three different types of flowers and a leaf using royal icing. We also learned to make shapes using color-flow. The preparation for this class took a little bit longer than I had planned. I made a batch of royal icing and color flow; then colored them both at home and took probably a total of two and half hours (including some clean up). This was definitely worth it; it saved me a ton of time in class.

 This class went by so quickly and by the time it ended; I felt like I wasn’t mastering all of the techniques. We were told to work on it some more on our own at home. Here are some of the pictures of the flowers that I was able to make during clas (those are actually two different flowers, apple blossoms and pansies, but I used the same color because I was very short on time).

Tip: I could have gotten by only making a half of the color flow that the book called for. I only made two bird shapes and then threw away the rest of them.


2 Responses to Wilton Course 2: Class 2

  1. Valen says:

    I’ve taken wilton cake decorating classes before. It was pretty difficult for me, I really need practice, practice, practice. Keep at it!

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