MSC: Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

As of this week, I’m officially a member of the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club (a.k.a MSC).  For my non-blogger friends, this  is an online cupcake blogging community where the members bake a recipe from Martha Stewart Cupcakes Book on a monthly rotating basis as we’re trying to bake all of the 175 recipes on her book. We will post one recipe on the 15th of every month selected by a member.


The October recipe was pumpkin patch cupcakes, selected by Kim from What the Whisk. You can find the recipe on page 236.  I love the idea of baking something with pumpkin this month, because after stocking up on canned pumpkin in the fear of not having any for Thanksgiving, I have about six cans sitting in my pantry. I also did not tweak the recipe, and I’m glad that I left it alone. I really enjoyed the flavor & the moistness of the cupcakes–and I actually think that they will taste great without the frosting. Gasp! Did I just say that? Yes, I did. I don’t particularly have sweet tooth, so I appreciate that the batter wasn’t extremely sweet.


I still made the frosting, because Red loves frosting–and we both enjoyed this cream cheese frosting. Although… I had a hard time trying to pipe it into rose and I was really bummed out! But they still made pretty nice looking cupcakes!

I also did not attempt making the gum paste pumpkins because I was running out of time. Maybe I will try it next time though. Great pick!


20 Responses to MSC: Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

  1. Mollie says:

    You’re not going to post the recipe?! Where can I find it????

  2. Candice says:

    Ok, your piping looks great to start with. and I, too, made the silly mistake of trying to pipe something nice with the cream cheese frosting, but I guess it’s in martha’s “swirled” section for a reason: it’s just too heavy to pipe. Well, i’ll know better for next time! great job on yours though! 😀

  3. marthaandme says:

    These look so pretty! I loved them a lot and so did the rest of the household.

  4. Kim says:

    Glad you liked these. I love your frosting. The cupcakes look perfect. Thanks for baking along with me this month.

  5. your frosting looks fantastic!

  6. Lori says:

    Your icing looks so light and fluffy! I love that! I also agree, these cupcakes don’t need frosting but it definitely does make them better!

  7. Julie says:

    Your frosting looks so nice!! I didn’t have any trouble finding pumpkin, now I wish I’d bought more.

  8. You might not have made roses, but you did pipe your cupcakes beautifully!! It’s a tough frosting to pipe, that’s for sure.

  9. karen says:

    Welcome to the club! Your cupcakes look great.

  10. Megan says:

    I tasted one of mine before frosting it and thought it was okay, but the frosting makes it taste so much better! Love the piped-on frosting!

  11. Nina says:

    Wow! Your cupcakes look fantastic! Great job on the frosting. This was my first MSC post, also. LOVED these cupcakes–thought they were perfectly delicious!

  12. Judy says:

    welcome to the club!! i was so excited when i got in too! =)

  13. mike says:

    Welcome! These look really nice – truly! I love the simple swirl -ice cream cone look so much! No pumpkin required! Nicely done!

  14. These look wonderful. I love the piped frosting – looks so professional. Welcome to the club! – mary the food librarian

  15. Tracey says:

    Welcome to the group! Great pictures – your cupcakes look perfect! I’m glad you enjoyed them. They were a big hit at my house too 🙂

  16. Sugar B says:

    I like the piped frosting! Really nice!

    I did modify the recipe by increasing the spices and pumpkin puree. You’re like my husband, he doesn’t like things “too sweet” either.

    Thank you for baking with us this month! So much fun!

  17. Teresa Bjork says:

    Your cupcakes look beautiful. Love the piped frosting. I think the cream-cheese frosting is the best part of the cupcakes. I probably would have liked them better if the recipe called for more cinnamon. Thanks for sharing!

    • h2babe says:

      You know, I noticed that several other bloggers also added more spices to this recipe. I would have to keep that in mind for next time! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  18. Leah says:

    Your piped cream cheese frosting looks silky and delicious! I ended up adding a little extra powder sugar to mine so it would hold its shape better. Then I got it into the decorating bags and refrigerated it a little bit before I piped my swirls. It held its shape, but only because I kept it refrigerated. The only downside was that I don’t like cold cupcakes! lol

    • h2babe says:

      Thanks for the tip! I tried adding more sugar in a previous try-but it didn’t help. I agree that putting it in the frig would help. But I am also like you, I don’t like cold frosting 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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