It’s official…!!!

Before I started a food blog, I had almost zero knowledge of how much fellowship there was out there for cooks, foodies, and all who had passion for anything food-related on the web. I began immersing myself in the vast of ideas, suggestions, creativity of women and men from all over the US, and the world, who shared the same passion as I do. And it’s pretty cool!
Then, I stumbled upon this amazing group called Barefoot Bloggers who loved anything about Ina Garten! And I jumped at the opportunity to join in the group. Not only that this is very fitting me… they are still accepting new members!

This is a bi-weekly event, so every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, I will be making the chosen recipe for that week! So on Thursday the 23rd, I will be making the Croque Monsier from Barefoot in Paris book (like I need a new motivation to cook!!). Just wait until I tell Red what we will be making for dinner that night…!!

Now if I can figure out how to add the Barefoot Bloggers Logo on the side bar then I am all set. Happy Cooking!!

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