Good Vanilla

Many of you might have noticed by now how much I am obsessed with Ina Garten. I am an adventurous cook, but like to stick to the chefs whose recipes I already have had great success with in the past. One of the points that Ina made in her cook-books was quality ingredients. Pure vanilla extract was one of them. I looked these up online and was very torn whether I should pay that much for a little bottle of vanilla extract, plus the shipping and handling. We’ve looked around in some of the specialty food and kitchen stores and couldn’t find it.

Well I’m proud to say that after about four months of looking, I finally got my hands on these little extract, “moderately” priced as well (I had found other stores that sell them for over $20/bottle!). So I quickly grabbed two bottles of the extract and one container of the vanilla beans. Mission accomplished!


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